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TJ Fogarty – Our Summer IT Guru


TJ Fogarty        In June, we got a call that every nonprofit on a shoestring budget prays for.  TJ Fogarty   contacted us offering to help with our computer    technology needs over the summer.  TJ, who had recently graduated from high school, does some computer consulting and plans to major in computer technology with a minor in business.  We were only too happy to put him to work on some projects that needed his attention.


While he was with us, TJ upgraded several laptops to Windows 10, set up a new laptop for a mom in our program, created a volunteer management database, and got us caught up with data entry for Chester County’s HMIS (Homelessness Management Information System) database.  On our office clean and declutter day, TJ cheerfully moved boxes of files and supplies out of our offices and into storage and hauled bag after bag out to the trash.

TJ navigated the experience of being the only male in an office full of women with aplomb – mostly by letting us do the talking!    Willean Yoder, our office manager, commented that “TJ willingly did anything we asked him to do, but I could tell he was in his element working on the computer.”


When we asked why he had chosen us, TJ explained, “Well, my parents wanted me out of the house for the summer, so I thought volunteering at a non-profit would be a good idea. My mom’s friend, Susan Mostek, from the Chester County Fund for Women & Girls gave me some contact information and that’s how I got in touch.  TJ started college in September at Lehigh University.  He shared that he chose Lehigh  “ because it seems like a good fit for me. It’s a smaller school. It has a beautiful campus and puts a high focus on the academics, and I’m looking forward to learning stuff.”


We had a great time getting to know TJ this summer and our IT infrastructure is much healthier thanks to his hard work.  We hope he’ll check in on us again next summer!

TJ and Friends